Chocolatiers Explain Why We Love Easter So Much

You might think that the reason so many of us love Easter comes down to one thing only -- chocolate.

Which is, in essence, correct.

But exactly why does the opportunity to tuck into a truck-load of choccie eggs and bunnies make us so happy?

David Ralph, chocolatier at Sydney-based Kakawa Chocolates explained that the reason we love chocolate so much is all to do with how it makes us ~feel~.

"I believe it is the sensory experience that still resonates with each customer -- from the texture to the smell to the taste, their brain will always kick off pleasant feelings when it comes to chocolate," he told 10 daily.

Those 'pleasant feelings' are to do with the fact that our brain releases endorphins when we eat chocolate. The aroma alone has been found to slow down brain waves, making us feel calm.

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Thomas Schnetzler, Lindt master chocolatier, told 10 daily that there's no doubt that people have an "emotional connection" with chocolate.

"There is almost something magical about it," he said.

Chocolate brings back memories of when we had our first piece or of an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday morning and discovering your first Lindt Gold Bunny ... What's not to love!

Well, nothing really.

Us Aussies like to show our love for the sweet stuff with our wallets -- we're expected to spend upwards of $210 million on chocolate this Easter according to research from IBISWorld.

If you need to ease your guilt about how much you're spending -- or eating --  listen up.

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Findings from two new studies show dark chocolate consumption reduces stress and inflammation while improving memory, immunity and mood.

A separate study found that eating a little bit of chocolate each day could reduce heart disease and help prevent diabetes and insulin resistance.

Apparently, simply getting a whiff of the sweet stuff can also suppress a smoker's urge to light up. Nibbling on a square or two could even help us get a better night's sleep.

So that (moderately-sized) Easter egg might be just what the doctor ordered. At least, that's what we're telling ourselves.

Now, we wonder how we can justify our obsession with another Easter treat, Hot Cross Buns ...

Feature image: Getty.