Beauty Queen Stripped Of Title After Announcing Pregnancy

A Bolivian beauty queen has lost her crown after revealing that she's expecting a child.

Joyce Prado -- full name Marian Joyce Prado Rivera -- won both Miss Santa Cruz and Miss Bolivia Universe in 2018 but has reportedly had her titles rescinded by pageant officials for "breach of contract."

On Sunday, the 22-year-old revealed on Instagram that she and her Paraguayan model boyfriend Rodrigo Giménez were having a baby.

"I want to share with you that I am the happiest woman in the world because my life is full of love, because next to the man of my dreams we are starting to live the most beautiful stage of our lives," Prado wrote.

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However, it is against Miss Universe rules for winners to become pregnant or tie the knot while holding the title.

Days before Prado announced her happy news her modelling agency, Promociones Gloria, stated on their Facebook page that her two crowns had been removed for "reasons that are strictly related to a contractual breach."

Further details around her sudden departure from her role were kept under wraps for "confidentiality reasons."

According to Miss Universe guidelines, "contestants may not be married or pregnant." They also cannot have previously been married or parented a child. As for titleholders, they are "required to remain unmarried throughout their reign."

The contest began in 1952, but in recent years it has been embroiled in controversy over its outdated rules and objectification of women.

Not everyone online is happy with Miss Universe's decision to take back Prado's crown.

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Another wrote on Prado's Instagram post; "That is totally WRONG that they stripped you of your title JUST because you were pregnant! Somebody always wants to push women down, no matter WHAT they do. If I were you, I would start a MASSIVE campaign against them for doing this to you. I know that *I* would join in."

Some were less sympathetic, saying that Prado "knew the rules."

"Huh!!. You knew the rules.. I agree with the decision 100%."

Prado herself has yet to make a public comment.

Feature image: Getty.