This 'Millionaire Morning' Photo Just Got Trolled, Can You See Why?

The morning ritual said to help future millionaires also just plain confused a lot of people.

When 10 News First reporter Tegan George tweeted a photo from the House Of Leaders' Instagram page, the image struck a chord with her followers, who quickly voiced their opinions.

And then some.

Not since Mark Wahlberg shared his crazy morning schedule on Instagram has there been so much expectation that we can all learn from others being bats**t crazy and, well, getting stuff done.

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"But when does she shower, do her hair & make-up, feed her kids and/or pets, organise dinner etc ... ?" asked Tegan.

And so the internet spoke out.

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And it wasn't just on Tegan's Twitter feed that the world made its feelings known. The comments on the House Of Leaders' post were possibly not all quite what they were aiming for.

"You clearly don’t have kids😅" said one follower.

"By 730 I'm gonna be too tired to go to work," said another.

"What about travel time😁," one confused soul questioned.

"And what time do you go to bed?🤔."

Many pointed out the blatant error  -- that breakfast and work were at the same time -- and the team who made the original post, Executive, have now reworked the timetable to include 30 minutes for breakfast.  Phew.

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