These Are The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2018, Thanks To The Royals

Chances are you'll meet a lot of Olivers and Charlottes in the future, with the two names being the most popular for a fifth time this decade.

More than 600 NSW baby boys were named Oliver in 2018, according to the NSW government, while 530 girls were named Charlotte.

Oliver has been the most popular name in NSW every year since 2014, while Charlotte has been at the top five time since 2012.

The most popular baby names are certainly royal-inspired. Image: Getty

The English royal family is still setting trends down under, with William the second most popular boys' name, as well as Harry at 15 and George at 33.

Aside from Charlotte, royal names including Mia and Isla were in the top 10 for girls.

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Liam and Leo are newcomers to the top 10 for boys, pushing out Ethan and James, while Harper jumped from ninth to third for the girls.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Louis, Charlotte and George. Image: AAP

"Huge crowds greeted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when they visited NSW in October last year so it's no surprise royal names are in fashion," NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman said.

Top 10 NSW Baby Names

1 - Oliver / Charlotte

2 - William / Amelia

3 - Noah / Olivia

4 - Jack / Mia

5 - Henry / Ava

6 - Thomas / Isla

7 - Lucas / Grace

8 - Liam / Chloe

9 - Leo / Harper

10 - Alexander / Emily

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