Possible Royal Baby Names Include Thor, Muhammad, Boris And Doris

British royal baby names tend to be very traditional.

But if that's ever going to change, it's now; Prince Harry and Megan are far from your average stodgy royal couple.

So just how creative will they get when the royal baby pops out soon?

We don't know. Nobody knows. But if the betting agencies are any guide, Diana is the most likely name. Both TAB and Sportsbet are offering odds of around $5 for a baby named after Harry's late mother, Princess Diana.

Any excuse to use this photo of Charles and Di at Uluru in 1983. Photo: Getty.

Other names with relatively short odds (meaning they're strongly favoured by punters) include Grace, Charles, Alice, Arthur, Edward, James, Victoria, Alexander, Alexandra and Alexandrina.

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Then come the names with really long odds (meaning pretty much nobody has bet on them but hey, who knows?).

We haven't seen a betting market on whether it'll be a ginga, sadly. (Photo by Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage)

You can be pretty certain that the royal tot will not be bestowed with what you might call a rustic appellation like Jed, Denny, Tryone or Joffrey. But it sure is fun to think about.

On a religious theme, Sportsbet has the name of Jesus at odds of $251, with other prophets/spiritual figures -- Buddha, Ganesha and Muhammad -- all listed at odds of $501. Lordy, just imagine it.

Boris and Doris are both huge odds, as is Genghis. Surely they Khan be serious about that one.

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