The World Does Not Want Or Need Kourtney Kardashian's Lifestyle Site 'Poosh'

Kourtney Kardashian just launched her new lifestyle site 'Poosh' but people are not here for it.

The whole ~vibe~ of the site encourages readers to "unlock your best life" and "poosh the boundaries" but the good folk on Twitter have a lot to say about Poosh and, well, Kourt might want to cover her ears.

First up, there's the name itself, 'Poosh,' which -- says Twitter -- just sounds kinda ... wrong. Like 'sploosh' or 'whoosh' -- neither of which have pleasant connotations.

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Let's not be too severe, however, as it's apparently Kourt's nickname for her daughter, Penelope.

Then there are the strong comparisons to a certain other celeb's own lifestyle brand, which launched over a decade ago ...

Kourt, you could've made more of an effort, doll.

After scrolling through the site itself -- which to KK's credit looks very pretty and nice -- we couldn't help but notice that the face of Poosh was, well, rather underdressed.

It's not just us, either.

We are not here to slut-shame. The woman looks incredible and has every right to flaunt it.

But Kourt's toned, tight bod is a product of great genes and lots of money.

Speaking of cash, you're going to need a lot of it to keep up with Miss K.

Look, we did find KK had featured a $120 mirror from Target in her 'How to update your bedroom' article ... buuuuut it was right next to a designer candle that won't get you much change from 100 bucks.

Yes, the mirror is more expensive however it's likely to last a smidge longer than the Maison Margiela candle, which has a 40 hour burn time. Consider the cost-per-use, people.

It's a similar case with Kourt's skincare routine which includes a (relatively) cheap-and-cheerful $40 gel cleanser along with a $450 hyaluronic serum.

Which brings us to the health stuff.

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One article which has since been removed from the site stated that you should avoid eating gluten even if you're not allergic to it -- despite research saying the opposite.

Another piece argues that drinking organic wine means you won't get a hangover as it contains far less hangover-causing sulphites than regular wine. Like the gluten-free myth, this isn't true either.

Of course, Kourt, like her famous sisters, has promoted diet teas -- which are pretty much laxatives -- and appetite-suppressant lollypops in the past ...

Let's not forget that none of the Kardashians are qualified health or nutrition experts by any means so their advice should be taken with a grain of (very expensive, hand-milled and iodised) salt.

At least we have ex-partner Scott Disick's venture to look forward to if this tweet is to be believed.

Feature image: Instagram/@Poosh.