This 'How To Spot A Woman Over 35' List Is Very Relatable

Writer Anne Thériault composed a list of things all women should be doing -- and Twitter loved it.

The Canadian author wrote a tweet about the things all women seem to do by the time they turn 35, and her followers were quick to add their own relatable quirks to the list.

And we feel so seen.

Yep, it seems all women have a library of sighs.

And we thought it was just us.

Thériault told 10 daily that far from encouraging gender stereotypes, her list was borne out of some stark realisations about herself and about getting older.

"It’s just one of those things where you grow up hearing your mom say all that stuff and you roll your eyes and think about how you’re never going to be that boring or uptight," she said.  "And then one morning you wake up and you’re like “my god, my mother was right!!!" she said.

Thériault loved what other people had to say on the subject, and told 10 daily that the message she got was very clear.

I think the best thing we can do is poke fun at ourselves. I also think the best part of getting older is giving less f***s about what people think about us and just openly expressing our feelings about how many curtains are open at given time."

We hear you.  And don't put that glass there, it'll fall off.

And mic-drop here for user @mike_sell, who came to a realisation about himself after reading the thread.

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