'Tinder For Dogs' Is Here To Help Homeless Pups Find Their Paw-Fect Match

An Aussie animal charity has created a 'Tinder for dogs' to help match homeless pooches with potential new owners.

Brittany Bloomer is the founder of Pound Paws, a charity that's taking a modern approach to finding stray and abandoned pooches happy 'fur-ever' homes.

At its core, Pound Paws is an online search engine that allows potential owners to search about 150 rescue groups Australia-wide to find their dream boy or girl.

The 'Rescue Directory' allows you to filter your search by age, size, breed, location and even lifestyle -- then BOOM they're met with hundreds of four-legged friends looking for some lovin'.

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Each has their own little profile featuring pictures, key info and -- of course -- a bio detailing their likes, dislikes, hobbies and favourite foods.

The aim is to match dogs and dog parents that have similar personalities and needs to ensure both get their happily ever after.

Hence the 'Tinder for dogs' comparison.

The only difference, of course, is that every profile on Pound Paws also includes details about vaccines and desexing, things you don't often come across while swiping away on human dating apps ...

It isn't just for dogs, either -- Pound Paws also rehomes cats, rabbits, reptiles and some farm animals.

Brittany has long been passionate about animals and began volunteering her time at rescue shelters at the age of 14. She founded Pound Paws about four years ago to streamline the adoption process and ensure that the right animal ends up with the right owner.

In her opinion, it should be mandatory for potential pet owners to consider rescuing homeless animals at shelters and pounds before going to pet shops or so-called 'backyard breeders.' 

"Adopting is key -- and thanks to sites like Pound Paws, it's never been an easier process," she told 10 daily.

One reason people turn to pet shops and breeders is to secure a particular breed of dog that's seen as fashionable or desirable but according to Brittany, there's no need. "You can find these 'desirable' breeds at shelters and pounds," she said.

Pound Paws also hosts monthly adoption events around the country and recently began recruiting foster carers.

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Brittany's tips for helping your rescue settle in:
  • Be prepared to be patient and understanding -- your new buddy may have been through a lot before they met you
  • Remember that it takes about two to three weeks for new pets to acclimatise and settle in
  • Some rescue organisations offer you the option to bring your potential pet home for a trial period before making your final decision
  • Make sure they have their own food bowls, bed or sleeping area and toys to play and snuggle with -- they key is to make them feel safe and secure
  • Introduce them to your existing pets slowly -- pets are like humans and sometimes they don't get along!
  • If they're young and still toilet-training dogs will need a designated spot to wee -- Brittany recommends absorbent wee pads or patches of real grass called Fresh Patch
  • Don't rush your new pup straight to the dog park -- walk them on a leash up and down the street instead to see how they react to other dogs and people
  • Don't be afraid to reach out for help from an animal behaviourist

On Friday's episode of The Living Room, vet Dr Chris Brown teams up with Britt to capture some happy snaps of two pups seeking their forever homes.

Will they find their paw-fect match? You'll have to tune in to find out.

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