The Nannies Employed By The Royal Family Are Like Mary Poppins Come To Life

Norland Nannies are some of the world's best. And they're also trained in martial arts.

With the countdown on until Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have their baby -- reportedly sometime late April or early May -- talk is turning to nannies, and specifically, whether they'll be getting a "Norland nanny", a la Wills and Kate.

Their nanny -- Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo -- is a graduate of the esteemed Norland college in Bath, and has been working for the royal family since 2014.

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You see Norland nannies are seen as the best. And every year the college -- which was founded in 1892 -- trains hundreds of nannies to take on some of the most highly sought-after professional childcare positions in the UK.

And yes, graduates from the college do all have to wear that iconic uniform -- a brown dress, tights, brown shoes, a hat -- and brown gloves in winter, white in summer -- unless the family they work for tells them they don't have to. So obviously Wills and Kate love a woman in uniform... or have something against her. Just kidding. The nannies themselves don't seem to mind.

Other famous clients include Mick Jagger and Princess Anne, but sadly you won't get any gossip from their former employees: these nannies are all about secrecy and discretion.

A Norland degree  -- which costs around $28,000 a year -- couples things like early-education training with sewing classes and a nutrition and cooking course. Then there's the famous "Ninja nanny" training -- teaching students how to drive a car in dangerous conditions, and defending themselves (and the children they’re watching of course) against an attacker. Oh, and yes, they know how to control a skidding car in case they find themselves fleeing from paparazzi.

The nannies are also experts in keeping kids entertained, know how to throw the perfect teddy bears' picnic, and are adept at a themed birthday party, including making a novelty cake. There's even an official Norland recipe book, (which, before you ask, isn't available to the public).

Charles Rae, a veteran royal correspondent told In Style that, even though Kate and Wills are fairly hands-on with their three kids Princes George and Louis, and Princess Charlotte, Borrallo has a great deal of responsibility -- so we're guessing she's earning the big bucks. Given that the heir to the throne is in her care and all, we think that's fair.

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And how much is that? The predicted salary range for a residential nanny working 60 hours a week in London is anywhere from $65,000 to $110,000 depending on experience.

So will Harry and Meghan hire their own nanny from Norland? All signs point to yes.

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 "It is expected that they will eventually hire a full-time nanny," Rae says of Harry and Meghan. "I believe they will look at the success William and Kate have had for their children and may well choose a Norland Nanny."

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