You Can Now Get Your Kids' Drawings Turned Into Jewellery

Forget sticking things on your fridge, you can now wear that portrait of... well, is it a dog? Yep, it's definitely... oh, or is it a cat?

A Turkish jeweller has come up with an ingenious way to save your kids' artwork -- which will be a lovely way to declutter the fridges of parents all over the world.

The two women who run Tasarim Takarim  -- Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu, a painter and art educator and Özgür Karavit, a sculptor and goldsmith -- say they believe that "drawings are the primal building stone of the children’s creativity. The best way to support their creativity is to love, respect and give importance to their art."

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"From that perspective," they write, "the idea of transforming the children art into timeless, precious memories was born of our desire to keep the first drawings of our kids and support them.

"After Özgür’s perfectly made brooch from the bull drawing of her son, we started to transform the children art into silver jewelries (sic). We aimed to show the children that their art is so precious and unique."

And yes, unique is the word.

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See? Adorable.

You can get necklaces, brooches, bracelets, earrings or cufflinks made with the images you send through. Present ideas for all the family.

And they're so darn cute.

"When children see the jewellery they designed they become so proud of themselves, and very happy. They become so self confident. They really believe their art is loved and appreciated by others," said the team.

Got a budding Picasso on your hands?

Simply send photos to the website, order the size and metal you want and pay the not-so-exorbitant prices (brooches in silver, for example, start at around $125 US). "We apply the drawings to sterling  silver or gold plated on sterling silver. Our prices change according to the sizes," the jewellers say.

Feature image: Tasarim Takarim / Instagram