Burger King Launch Meatless Whoppers And Life Is Good

We don't want to shock you but fast food is having a revolution and we're here for it.

This is not a drill.

Burger King really is selling meatless Whoppers.

And far from the veggie patties of old, these things look AND TASTE like the real deal.

The fast-food company -- who, incidentally, trade as Hungry Jack's here in Australia because a man in Adelaide already called his store Burger King --  announced on Monday that it's testing a soy-based meat patty, dubbed the "Impossible Whopper," in 59 restaurants in Missouri, USA.

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Impossible Foods, the creators from California, launched their first faux meat patty over two years ago.  And they're spot on, even down to the blood...  yep, a genetically modified yeast creates the key ingredient, called heme, which makes the patties appear to bleed and taste like real meat.

It's a miracle, people. Not unlike the Los Angeles-based Beyond Burger, who are now available at their own fast-food chain -- Carl's Jr -- in the US too.

Incidentally, Beyond Meat counts actor Leonardo Di Caprio and Microsoft founder Bill Gates as investors, and you can buy them here in Australia in Coles supermarkets and some IGAs.

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Image: McDonalds

And they're not the only fast food chain going after the vegos among us -- McDonald's have been testing Vegan McNuggets in Norway, and have also rolled out a vegan Happy Meal in the UK, featuring a flour tortilla wrap filled with veggies. And back in 2017, McDonald's offered its first vegan burger, named “The McVegan,” in Finland.

10 daily reached out to Hungry Jack's for comment. And free burgers. We're yet to hear back.

Feature image: Burger King.