5 Times You'll See Baby Sussex In The Royal Bub's First Year

If you're anything like us you won't want to miss any opportunity to catch a glimpse of Meghan and Harry's firstborn after the little prince or princess arrives in late April or early May.

Following news that the Duke and Duchess will very likely ditch the traditional post-birth photo op on the hospital steps in order to "celebrate privately," many were left wondering just when we'd get to see Baby Sussex for the first time.

Well, we can get a rough idea of when that may be -- along with the little boy or girl's subsequent appearances -- going off Harry's brother Will and Kate's youngest, 11-month-old Prince Louis.

Sure, we probably won't get that picture-perfect snap of mum, dad and bub leaving the Lindo Wing -- if that's even where Meghan will give birth -- but there are plenty of other opportunities to gaze upon the brand new babe.

Diaries at the ready!

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Proud parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with newborn Louis on the steps of the Lindo Wing on April 23, 2018. Image: Getty Images.
Appearance #1 -- their first official portrait

In lieu of the post-birth pic the next opportunity we'll get to see the little prince or princess will likely be their first official portrait.

In terms of timing, Wills and Kate shared an official portrait of baby Louis on their Instagram on May 6 -- just 13 days after his birth.

Now that the Sussex's have their very own Insta account it's thought that the couple will release the first snap of their newborn there.

Side note -- the youngest Cambridge was snapped by mum Kate -- will Harry or Megs jump behind the camera themselves when the time comes? We hope so.

Darling Prince Louis Arthur in his first official portrait released on May 6, 2018. Image: Instagram/@Kensingtonroyal.
Appearance #2 -- their christening

All three Cambridge youngsters were about two to three months old when they were christened, suggesting that Baby Sussex's big day might fall sometime in July.

There are a few locations where Baby Sussex might be welcomed into the Church of England, the royal family's chosen faith.

The prince or princess' cousins George and Louis were christened at the Chapel Royal at St James' Palace in London, while Charlotte's ceremony was held at St. Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

The Archbishop of Canterbury performed George, Charlotte and Louis' christenings and will likely do the same for the new bub. He also officiated the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's marriage in 2018.

For the ceremony, Baby Sussex will no doubt wear the same cream lace christening gown worn by 63 royal babies before them.

While photos from the event itself might be enough -- just look at how cute Louis' were -- let's not forget the official christening portrait that's taken later that day.

It traditionally features the proud parents, the bub and grandparents Prince Charles and his wife Camilla and is taken inside one of the nearby royal homes.

Beaming auntie Meghan and uncle Harry made a cameo in baby Louis' pic -- perhaps Will and Kate will return the favour when Baby Sussex's portrait rolls around?

Appearance #3 -- their first U.S. trip

Rumour has it that the family of three - Harry, Meghan and Baby Sussex -- are still on track for a tour of the U.S. and Canada in late September this year.

The tiny royal will be only about five months old but they should be used to international travel after jetting around Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga inside mum Meg's tummy in 2018.

Meghan and Harry wrapped up their tour of Australia before jetting off to New Zealand on October 28, 2018. Image: Getty.
Appearance #4 -- their first Christmas

In 2018 all five members of the Cambridge clan dressed up in their best smart casual to pose for an outdoorsy family snap that featured on their official Christmas card.

We don't know for sure if the Sussexes will this year follow suit by releasing a photo with their pride and joy -- who will be about seven months old by then -- but by gosh do we hope so.

Last year, of course, the newlyweds picked a gorgeous never-before-seen pic from their private wedding reception for their Christmas card.

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Appearance #5 -- their first birthday

When Baby Sussex turns one in late April/early May 2020 the Palace is expected to release one -- or more if we're lucky -- snaps in honour of the prince or princess' first year.

At the time of publishing our dear little Louis had yet to reach the milestone and so hasn't had his portrait taken yet -- instead, we've included his older brother's first birthday pic.

It was taken on July 2, 2014, by royal snapper John Stillwell while the mini-Prince enjoyed a day at the Natural History Museum's 'Sensational Butterflies' exhibition with his parents.

Birthday boy George, one, in his official portrait by royal photographer John Stillwell. Image: Getty.

And for good measure, here's a photo from Charlotte's first birthday party on May 2, 2016, at Will and Kate's country home, Amner Hall in Norfolk. It was captured by proud mum Kate.

The princess on her first birthday, as captured by her mum Kate. Image: Instagram/@kensingtonroyal.

Here's to all the happy snaps of Baby Sussex that are yet to come.

Feature image: Getty.