Is It Un-Australian To Have A Meat Pie Without Sauce?

In the world of meat pies, are you #onthesauce?

Alright Australia, let's settle this once and for all.

Is it un-Australian to have a good old Aussie meat pie without sauce?

Here at 10 daily, we certainly think so -- but what about the rest of Australia?

An Aussie icon. Image: Getty Images

Just last week, former NSW Opposition leader Michael Daley shocked us all on the day of the state election by revealing he enjoys his meat pies sauce-less.

"Just a plain beef pie, nothing special," he told reporters as he set out for his final day of campaigning.

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The revelation caused controversy (in the Channel 10 office) and when asked by 10 daily,  Sydneysiders (of course) agreed.

"It gives it that extra extravagance," one woman told us.

Others agreed and our extensive* investigations also suggested that tomato is the sauce of choice for Aussies.

So now that that's settled, let's discuss another national controversy... is it un-Australian to charge for sauce?

Who's hungry.  Image: Getty Images

Surprisingly, our investigation returned mixed results. While some thought it was an unfair extra charge, others said it was just business and economic sense.

"Probably it's more of an expense for them," one shopper told 10 daily.

"No I think it should be part of the whole package," another said.

"You can't have a pie without sauce, so why should it be a separate cost," she added.

Two others were also left in disbelief when 10 daily revealed a Sydney cafe was slammed last year for reportedly charging $6 for extra sauce.

'Tomato sauce shouldn't be charged for, that's illegal," they said.

Well, there you have it Australia.

Keep wearing that old tomato stain on your shirts with pride, because we're a nation who bloody loves being on the sauce.

Featured Image: Getty Images