Mother-In-Law Demands Wedding 'Refund' After Bride Reveals She Won't Have Kids

A mother-in-law is determined to have her contribution to her son's wedding refunded after the bride revealed that they won't be having children.

The unnamed bride revealed her predicament in a Reddit thread on Tuesday, explaining that her mother-in-law is "big into family in the traditional sense" despite she and her husband deciding against having kids.

"She has been pushy with us about having kids since we got married. Literally the week after we got engaged, she started asking," the woman wrote.

She went on to say that four years after she tied the knot with her hubby both of them had medical procedures to ensure that they were unable to conceive -- he had a vasectomy and she had a tubal ligation.

At a recent family gathering, however, her mother-in-law suggested that she drink water instead of beer "because wink wink nudge nudge, you never know."

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Image: Reddit.

The woman was annoyed but explained that there was "really no chance" of her getting pregnant. Her mother-in-law replied, "Oh come on! It's time for you two to finally get serious! Put down the beer and tell us when we can finally expect you two to finally make your family official!"

She went on to say that her son and his wife won't truly be part of the family until they procreate.

At this point, the woman "snapped" and dropped the bomb about their  procedures, causing her mother-in-law to cry and storm off.

She later called the woman and demanded a refund for her contribution to their wedding -- about $560. Angry, the woman hung up the phone and is now appealing to Reddit users to find out just who is in the wrong.

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By and large, Redditors are damning her mother-in-law's behaviour.

"It's not her life, it's not her choice, whether you guys have kids or not. You aren't an asshole for refusing to have children, nor are you an asshole for making it very clear that you never intend to have children,' one wrote.

"Also, the 'motherhood is a woman's greatest calling' thing is freaking sexist," they added.

"What about women who can’t conceive or who miscarry? It’s just misogyny. Good for you for standing up to her," said another.

"Seriously, nobody's out here like 'fatherhood is a man's highest calling' or whatever," added another.

One Redditor suggested that instead of revealing the vasectomy/tubal ligation the woman should have lied and simply told her mother-in-law that she and her husband were infertile to put an end to her questions.

Others are encouraging the woman to refund the money to end the matter once and for all.

"Seriously. That's a small price to pay for shutting her up and never speaking with her again,' one said.

"Tbf [USD] $400 to cut toxic people out is a hell of a deal," another wrote.

Some are praising the woman for her prudent decision, saying that if she did, in fact, want kids that "she'd be in for a nightmare of a stalker grandma situation. She actually dodged a bullet there," they wrote.

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