Man Freaks Twitter Out By Admitting He Doesn't Have A "Side" Of The Bed

When Twitter user Steve O'Rourke said he and his wife swaps sides at night, he wasn't expecting to cause such a controversy.

Which side of the bed do you sleep on? If you're in a couple, chances are you have your side and you stick to it -- for instance, in this writer's household, my husband is by the door, and I'm near the wardrobe. Simple, right?

But when Twitter user Steve O'Rourke posted the following tweet, admitting he and his partner mix things up every night -- it turns out people had a lot to say.

From the reaction, yes it seems it's unusual. And people just couldn't cope.

Some users, however, were intrigued by his bedtime freedom -- and told of their attempts to gain the same ability to mix things up.

The winner, though, was this woman whose husband produced actual documentation about their side-swapping over the years.

And this man, who just had his mind blown.