People Point Out HUGE Problem With Condom Giveaway

A young barber in Texas has gone viral after Twitter found, er, a few holes in his marketing plan.

The hair stylist -- who goes by the name Jake Gamez online -- posted a very sexy giveaway for customers who visit his barbershop in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Gamez uploaded a photo of a condom attached to his business card, promising that clients will be so ~irresistable~ after receiving a haircut from him, they'll be needing all the free contraceptives they can get.

"Gotta include one of these with every card!" Gamez wrote. "You're going to need it after I cut your hair. Trust me."

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But the post soon began to attract the amused attention of the Internet, with Twitter users pointing out a fatal flaw in his plan -- the staple piercing its way right through the centre of the condom, which would leave users exposed to unwanted STIs, and offspring.

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Plenty more Twitter users saw right through the barber's plan straight away, pointing out that he knew exactly what he was doing,

Not only would Jake increase his future client base if anyone was silly enough to use the clearly faulty condoms -- he's also advertised his services to tens of thousands of people online.

And while he's going to have no shortage of clients after this successful stunt, Jake's talents are definitely being wasted cutting hair -- he really could be teaching advertising execs everywhere a thing or two about BUSINESS.

Main Image: Twitter/@gamezjakee