'Am I An A**hole?' Asks Woman Who Fed Meat To Her 9-Year-Old Vegan Nephew

A woman has asked the Reddit community if she's in the wrong for feeding her young nephew -- who is vegan -- meat.

The unnamed woman shared her big secret on Friday in the Reddit thread "Am I the asshole" -- a thread where people can anonymously spill their guts and find out if they were wrong or right.

The Reddit community then votes "YTA" ("You're the Asshole (& the other party is not)") or "NTA" ("You're Not the A-hole (& the other party is)") -- and they had a field day with this woman's confession.

"My sister has been vegan for many years and she is also raising her son vegan. He has been vegan since birth," she wrote.

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Image: Reddit/u/vegannehphew.

She explained how her son and her nine-year-old nephew go to the same school and they share after-school snacks and dinner at her house every weeknight before her sister picks her boy up.

The woman makes sure to provide her nephew vegan options but disaster struck when she discovered the young lad chowing down on her son's chicken nuggets.

"I told him those weren't vegan and he told me he [sic] that he eats meat in school sometimes. His friends share their meals with him sometimes," she wrote.

Now, faced with the moral quandary of outing the boy to her sister or keeping his little secret the woman decided to do the former but continued to make sure he always had a vegan option.

Thing is, he kept opting for the non-vegan fare ...

"I know my sister would freak out if she knows he's eating meat. She's staunchly vegan and eating animal products goes against her ethical beliefs which I completely understand and respect," the woman wrote.

She went on to say how her husband reckons she's the a**hole for not telling her sister but in her opinion, at almost ten years of age the boy is "old enough to make his own dietary choices."

As expected, opinionated Redditors did not hold back -- but the reactions were a real mixed bag.

Some were on team not-the-a**hole, saying, "He's not a vegan. NTA."

"Yeah, NTA. He doesn't want to be vegan. That is his right If he is old enough to consciously understand and decide, then it should be his choice. I wouldn't tell her. She can give him vegan food at home, and if he wants to eat meat outside the home, that should be his choice. He can tell his mom when he is comfortable," wrote another.

Others thought the boy's mum was to blame.

"No the other sister is an asshole for forcing her son to be vegan," one commenter wrote.

Others still threw their support behind the mother and equated veganism with religion.

"This is an absurd opinion. Parents are within their rights to enforce their ethical views onto their children. Do you think Catholic parents are assholes for making their kids go to church or are Muslim/Jewish parents assholes for enforcing a no-pork rule for their kids? Come on," they wrote.

Many encouraged the woman to come clean to her sister about the boy's sly meat-eating habits ... before she found out herself.

"NAH but you should really talk to your sister about it, hiding it from her is only going to strain your relationship when she finds out.. because she will eventually find out," one wrote.

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Some went so far as to brand the woman an a**hole -- but not for letting the boy cheat on his vegan diet.

"YTA for not telling her, but not for letting him eat meat. I’m vegan and when my kid is that age, if he wants to eat meat somewhere else that’s perfectly fine. I just won’t have it in my house. Restricting food at that age is a good way to breed resentment and unhealthy relationships with food," they wrote.

One commenter called her an a**hole straight up for going against her sister's wishes.

"YTA. Her kid, her rules. The kid does not sound like he is not getting adequate nutrition. Honestly I’d be appalled at your behavior if I were your sister. You need to tell her, immediately, and be prepared for her to not trust you with her child," they wrote.

After much discussion and deliberation, it was decided that the woman is ...

... not the a**hole!

Buuuut considering her post has since gone viral she might have to 'fess up to her sister -- and soon.

Feature image: Getty, Reddit/u/vegannehphew.