This Genius Pineapple Eating Hack Will Change Your Life

It's spiky, tough and difficult to get into -- but if you've ever struggled to properly eat a pineapple, we've got some news for you.

Unless you're getting it on a pizza or out of a can, it's pretty hard to enjoy pineapple. It's got spiky leaves on top, spikes jutting out the side, and the skin is so hard that you need a pretty decent knife to get into it to cut it up in the first place.

Cutting it into slices like a Christmas roast is probably the only way you can think of to access the sweet yellow flesh inside, right?


This pineapple eating hack is going viral online, and it's all to do with the fact that pineapples are neither pines nor apples -- they're berries.

Watch this:

That's right. The video shows someone having hacked off the top of the pineapple, and instead of slicing it into bits, they're simply pulling off bits of the skin and chewing on the flesh inside.

Kind of like holding a pizza crust.

The video has gone viral on Twitter, but appears to have been taken from video app Tik Tok, where it was recently posted by a user called DillonRoberts22.

The comments were a mix of amazement and curiosity.

"The way nature intended us to eat pineapple," one person said.

"This makes me rethink my whole life," wrote another.

But another person gave a bit of an idea as to how this works, writing "pineapples are just a cluster of berries fused together".

Photo: Getty Images

And it's true -- technically, a pineapple is a berry -- or perhaps more technically, a bunch of berries. The Wikipedia page even calls it "an edible multiple fruit consisting of coalesced berries".

So it makes sense, if you think about it, that you can simply pull one berry off and tuck it into it for a sweet treat.

While we're on the topic -- how do you think pineapples grow? Don't Google it yet! Have a think. Do you reckon they grow on a tree?

A quick poll of the 10 daily office led to a group consensus that they would grow on a tree, like a coconut.

But nope, wrong!

Here's how pineapples grow:

Pineapples growing in Costa Rice. Photo: Getty Images

They grow on a little bush!

There you go -- learn something new every day.