Woman's Mid-Air Acrobatics Stun Fellow Passengers And Viewers Online

A woman was captured performing mind-bending acrobatics from her seat on an aeroplane and people are shook.

Every plane passenger knows how difficult it is to find a comfy position when you're crammed into a tiny seat -- but it was all in a day's work for Stefanie Millinger.

In an Insta vid posted on February 1, Millinger is shown performing some extraordinary acrobatic moves -- all from the confines of her aeroplane seat.

The 26-year-old starts with a backbend, dropping her head aaaaalllllll the way behind her body until it touches the seat behind her.

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She doesn't stop there, either. Instead, she tucks her head between her legs in a maneuver that can only be called 'help-I've-forgotten-how-to-sit!'

Millinger captioned the clip "Notice fasten your seat belt" -- which indeed she does, with her legs casually dangling over her head, of course. Safety first, guys!

But before you try these moves at home -- or in the skies -- remember that Millinger is, in fact, a professional gymnast and contortionist which explains her eye-watering range of motion.


The gobsmacking clip has since gone viral, clocking up 324,000 views and hundreds of mixed reactions.

One Instagrammer said, "You bring flexible to a whole different level," and another added, "You are not a girl,, you are jelly."

One commenter cheekily wrote, "Don’t give the airlines any reasons to keep cramming us into smaller seats!"

While another wanted to know, "Um....what did the flight attendant say?"

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A quick look at Millinger's Insta account shows that mid-air acrobatics isn't too much of a stretch -- get it? -- for the professional.

The gymnast regularly posts snaps and videos of herself getting into all sorts of tricky situations.

Whatever will she get up to next?

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