Airline Offers A Year Of Free Flights If You Give Up Instagram

While the prospect of flying for free for an entire year might sound enticing, this is a pretty strong catch.

American budget airline JetBlue is offering the chance for those fliers willing to wipe their Instagram account clean.

It launched its 'All You Can Jet Pass' competition last week, which will see three lucky people win unlimited travel across its destinations in North America, Central America and the Caribbean for a year.

To enter, applicants must first delete all of their Instagram posts.

Next up, they'll need to fill that blank slate with a photo, captioned, 'All You Can ..." and post away with the relevant tag and hashtag.

"Don't worry, if you win, you'll be able to post pics from everywhere we fly," JetBlue said on their website.

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Applicants must keep their profile 'clean' until this Friday.

Featured image: Getty