'Seeing A Child Die In Front Of Me Was The Worst Moment Of My Career'

One of the stars of Network 10's 'Ambulance Australia' revealed the heartbreaking job call-out that changed his life forever.

He's known as the cheeky larrikin paramedic on 'Ambulance Australia' who doesn't seem to get fazed by, well, anything. But there is one moment in paramedic Josh Payne's career that left him shaken to the core.

In an interview with 10 daily, the 28-year-old revealed the heartbreaking moment that changed the way he looked at the world forever.

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Josh chatting with a patient while on call for a job. Source: Network 10

"I'll never forget the time we were called out to a job where a four-year-old girl suffered a cardiac arrest from a medical episode," he said. "When we got there we tried to revive her... we did everything... but she ended up passing away".

The father-of-two said the case hit him particularly hard as the patient was the same age as one of his daughters.

"Seeing her family so hurt and seeing her father trying to give her CPR was incredibly confronting," he said.

"That night I went home and gave my girls a big hug and told them how much I loved them."

The hardened former-tradie said that he will often try to "debrief with mates" after an experience like that and always makes an effort to "leave the job with the uniform".

Josh treats a young patient while on duty. Source: Network 10

Josh, who has been with his partner for 10 years, said that being a paramedic has opened his eyes to what's really important in life.

"When you go around and see people who are suffering --  it makes you appreciate what you have and you realise that a lot of people whinge for silly little reasons," he said.

It's a grounding experience.

Despite the intense pressures of his job and the daily trauma it brings, Josh said there are some "lovely moments" associated with it, such as "making connections to all kinds of different people".

"Just knowing you've made a difference in someone's life," he said. "Whether it's helping them off the floor, or bringing them back to life."

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Feature Image: Network 10