Tony Hawk Teaching His Daughter To Be Brave Is The Most Inspiring Thing On The Internet

Pro skater Tony Hawk posted a video to Twitter as his daughter overcame her fears and we can't help but get choked up...

Skateboard whiz Tony Hawk is a champion on many levels -- he's an American professional skateboarder, actor and owner of skateboard company Birdhouse, among other things.

He also has four children -- Riley, 26, Spencer, 19, Keegan, 17, and  Kadence Clover who is just 10 and learning to ride herself.


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The legendary boarder took to Twitter on Saturday with a heartwarming father-daughter moment. The video shows Kadence conquering her fear of falling while the senior Hawk cheers her on.

It's nail-biting stuff as Kadence plucks up the courage to drop in on a mini ramp, where you can hear the sounds of other boarders surrounding the pair.  But girl does it -- and Hawk's joy is pure, as he yells "Who, ho ho WHOOOOOOOO!" as she speeds past him.

His fans were fast to appreciate his mentoring, praising him for supporting his daughter and encouraging her to overcome her -- understandable -- fear of falling.

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Feature image: Getty