Mum Shares Genius Hack For Feeding Her Son

An Aussie mum has shared the oh-so-clever way she gets her fussy toddler to eat meals.

And it's completely genius.

The mum of one posted to a Facebook group to reveal that she cooks up an array of food two weeks in advance to save time, but finds it hard to pick what her fussy son may want each day.

Her clever idea? Taking matters into her own hands, she bought some 'giant popsticks from Kmart and wrote all the meals on them'.

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Image: Facebook

'I put them in a glass jar I already had and now my toddler is having a blast choosing meals for the next fortnight,' she said.

The woman said that she has about 40 meals written out on sticks so her toddler can choose what he wants to eat.

And his choices? Her range of yummy dinners range from sweet potato tacos to burgers, Mexican dishes and lasagne.

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The lucky dip idea has taken off since the woman posted the genius move.

'I love this idea and need some meal ideas for my husband, my 4-year-old son and me,' a fellow mum posted in the group.

We'll be over shortly. And get that lasagne ready!

Feature image: Getty/Facebook