Ultra-Runner Plans To Eat His Body Weight In Beans -- And Then Run A Marathon

Dr Beau Miles is an academic and an ultra-runner who is determined to eat his body weight in tinned beans -- and then run a marathon.

A lecturer at the faculty of education at Monash University, Dr Miles did his PhD on sea kayaking and is fascinated with what he calls "the phenomenon of lived experiences."

He is certainly putting his money where his mouth is (so to speak) with his latest project -- eating his body weight in beans.

He's just reached the half-way point in his experiment, having eaten a mind-blowing 98 of his goal of 200 tins of beans.

Dr Miles on tin 52 of 200. Image: Studio 10.

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He was inspired by John Steinbeck's 1935 novel Tortilla Flat which tells the story of a group of Mexican children whose diet consists solely of beans. To the local doctor's astonishment, the kids are perfectly happy and healthy.

Naturally, the curious Dr Miles had to test this theory -- using himself as the guinea pig of course. But simply eating beans wasn't enough -- the long-time ultra-marathon runner decided to continue his hard-core exercise regimen as well.

"I'm using running as a litmus test to see what my energy is like, my mood, how far I can run, and when my legs run out of energy," he told 10 daily.

After chowing down on four to five tins a day for 22 days, Dr Miles admitted that he's been "cranky for a week."

"I did my longest run so far this morning and I asked myself, 'what is the point of this?'"

So far he's lost four kilos and can feel himself "becoming dull and not funny -- like less of a human." That's because beans don't have much fat which the brain needs to function. In other ways, however, he "feels fantastic."

How does he keep downing tin after tin? "I just compartmentalise," he said. It's also reduced the number of decisions he has to make every day when it comes to food.

To keep things interesting Dr Miles has taken the labels off the tins -- he has four or five different varieties such as black beans and baked beans -- so he is pleasantly surprised by the flavour each time.

He even brings a tin with him when he and his wife go out to a restaurant. Now that's dedication.

Dr Miles cracks a tin while out for a meal. Image: Studio 10.

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The only food he's really craving is -- wait for it -- veggies. Yep. But in case you're wondering, he still loves beans.

We know you're dying to find out if the old adage about beans making you toot rings true -- so we went ahead and asked. "I'm pretty windy anyway," Dr Miles admitted, "I'm not farting a whole lot more than usual."

That's that then.

Dr Miles is set to finish his last tin during a 27 km run on March 9 and he's got big plans for his first post-beans meal.

"I'd like some spotty bananas and a coffee -- oh and some liquorice," he said.

Feature image: Studio 10.