Sydney Restaurateur 'Doesn't Care If He Loses Customers' Over iPhone Ban

A Sydney restaurant owner has defended his decision to ban iPhones and colouring-in books at dining tables, telling 10 daily he "doesn't care if he loses customers" over the move.

Attila Yilmaz, who owns PAZAR Food Collective in the western Sydney suburb of Canterbury, said he just wants to see children and their parents become more involved in the dining experience.

"We’re a small restaurant with communal tables so everything we do is about sharing," Yilmaz said.

"We want people to interact with each other and embrace."

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Yilmaz, who began his career as a member of the NSW Police Force before entering the food industry, said that his decision came about after seeing the way people's body language "changed" once any kind of distraction was introduced.

"It also changed the dynamic of the dining room," he added.

Finally fed-up, the father-of-two then took to his Instagram page to share a post telling customers to "leave your kids at home if they can’t sit at a dinner table without colouring books or an electronic device."

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The post continued:  "I am about to introduce a no-colouring book, toy and iPad ban to Pazar. Like my kids and many others that visit without such, it’s time for them to learn the art of dining, enjoying food, conversation and sharing. If you can’t handle it, get a sitter or go to the RSL club.

"I don’t know about you but when I dine out the last thing I want is some kid sitting at the table next to me with Dora the Explorer blaring away as I try to enjoy my meal illuminated by the glow of their electronic device. Stop being so f***king lazy and interact with your children, teach them social skills."

While some users were quick to applaud Yilmaz for his stance, many accused him of "parent shaming" and "hating children".

Yilmaz denies the ban was enacted to drive away children.

"This isn't a marketing ploy," he said. "By using these devices diners are showing a total disregard for the people around them. Think about it,  it’s your night away, and another child sits next to you and has Dora The Explorer thumping away on the iPad."

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The reaction to the ban has not been so kind on Twitter, with many users accusing the Yilmaz of discriminating against parents of special needs children.

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