Denise Drysdale Reveals The Biggest Battle She Has Ever Faced

Studio 10 co-host Denise Drysdale has opened up about her struggle to regain her confidence after battling a series of health issues over the past few months.

In a sit-down interview with fellow Studio 10 host Sarah Harris, an upbeat Drysdale revealed that "the last thing she ever thought she would be doing in the entertainment business is sitting down and talking about my health."

So I just thought I better put the record straight. I'm still alive.

Drysdale's run of health problems began last October after she decided to take time off from her hosting duties to enjoy a much-needed break.

The bubbly presenter told Harris she was just "one week into the cruise of a lifetime" when she suffered a debilitating knee injury.

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Drysdale said she sustained the injury as she was "getting out of bed", and ended up having to spend the rest of the cruise in a wheelchair.

But her run of bad luck didn't end there.

Drysdale said the pain became so severe, she was forced to cut short her cruise and ended up having to come back home to Australia to undergo knee replacement surgery.

But that surgery didn't quite go to plan and blood clots soon developed on her knee. Then Drysdale was hit with yet another problem -- she began developing serious headaches and started losing her sight.

"I woke up in the middle of the night and rang the ambulance which was a big thing for me to do," she said.

The doctor told me that if I had waited another day I might've gone blind.

The official diagnosis ended up being a detached retina -- a condition where retina becomes detached from the eyeball itself.

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Drysdale said she then spent the next few months under house arrest when her next big health scare came on the morning of New Year's Eve, 2018.

"I woke up and found a huge lump in my breast," she revealed. "I thought maybe it is cancer, maybe it's not."

Thankfully, the lump turned out to be a cyst.

The veteran entertainer has said that her recent health scares have forced her to take stock of her life.

"I know there are people out there going through the same thing and you just have to hang in there and get to the other end," she said.

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