These Pets Trying (And Failing) At KonMari Will Spark Major Joy

No one can escape the Marie Kondo-inspired tidying up craze -- not even these adorable animals.

Yep, humans aren't the only ones obsessed with going through all of their junk and asking themselves if it sparks joy.

Pets have also been tackling their piles of toys -- and sometimes their outfits and accessories, too -- and the glorious results are popping up on social media under the tag #KonMariPets.

The problem is, with all of those amazing things to play with, wear and sleep on, it's hard for a pup, cat -- or a guinea pig -- to throw anything away. We hear you, guys.

Here's a wrap up of some of the good boys and girls who've struggled to say goodbye to their fave toys -- and some who simply couldn't let go.

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Tofu the Corgi got Marie's personal tick of approval.

But... what if they ALL spark joy??

Seriously -- just look at that face.

"Sbark" joy -- geddit?

This guy has his own KonMari method down pat.

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There's Kon-no way this cutie is getting rid of any of those toys.

Bobby took time out to help his hooman.

Meet Jojo, the Carrie Bradshaw of Corgis.

"Mom has been organising again."

Just a cat with a tiny suitcase containing tiny folded clothes and collars.

Top marks for Reagan.

Swipe to go on a #KonMari journey with these two tiny floofs.

Bowie soon discovered that folding is hard when you don't have thumbs ...

This kitty couldn't believe that this isn't what the boxes are meant for.

Good job, Heisy.

Feature image: Instagram/@imnotahamster, Instagram/@mrtuckerthecorgi.

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