The Gender Reveal Manicure Is Here To Raise The Parenting Bar Once Again

The intricate manicure -- complete with a tiny cake and candle -- is the latest way to show if you're having a boy or a girl.

Forget cakes and balloons -- they're last year. The 2019 way to reveal the gender of your unborn bub is with a manicure.

That's according to Marsha, a nail artist named from Trend Setters Hair Studio in Ohio, US, who was the mastermind behind this extravagant manicure.

"My coworker Sherice is expecting her second child. She wanted me to do some gender-reveal nails because she had never seen any before," Marsha told POPSUGAR.

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Image: Instagram/@da_nail_lady.

The fake nails themselves were a mix of pink and blue -- to avoid giving anything away -- while the middle nail featured a mini two-tier cake. Yes. A cake.

Marsha came up with the teeny confection all by herself after Sherice gave her "full range to do whatever I wanted." And, well ... she nailed it.

The cake-ette was, of course, too tiny to cut -- as per typical cake reveals -- and instead had a candle on the top that burned ... wait for it ... blue!

It's a boy!

Image: Instagram/@da_nail_lady.

Captured in the video on Marsha's Instagram account is the mum-to-be's cousin in order to keep the baby's gender secret -- for now at least.

We reckon Sherice's cousin may have been regretting offering herself as a guinea pig when the candle started to spark furiously and burn her arm, poor dear.

Apparently, no one was hurt and all's well that ends well, right?

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This is by no means the first time a gender reveal has gone waayyyyy extra.

Case in point: gender-reveal lasagne. It's just like a cake except for the fact it's pasta and wildly unnecessary and gross!

Then there's wig-snatchingly incredible reveal that involves a decoy balloon and a twist that you won't see coming.

This Is How You Do A Gender Reveal!

A word of caution -- gender reveals can and do go wrong.

As in 45,000-acres-up-in-flames type wrong.

Be safe with those gender-reveals, kids!

Feature image: Instagram/@da_nail_lady.