These 'Drinkable' Chips Will Keep Your Fingers -- And Phone Screen -- Grease-Free

A snack food company in Japan has released an innovative new bag of chips that you can eat one-handed -- leaving the other clean and free to keep scrolling through Instagram.

In their tweet, Koikeya spruiks their 'One Hand Chips' in a romantic way with a picture of a woman holding hands with a man -- with a bag of said chips in her free hand.

The text roughly translates to, "Cold winter. I do not want to let go of his hand. But I really want to eat [a chip]." We hear you, girl.

But that's not all these One Hand Chips are, er ... handy for -- they're also perfect for keeping one paw grease-free so you can use your phone without gooping up the screen.

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'Cause let's be honest -- we're all using our phones more than we're holding hands with our BF/GFs, right??

As per the product description on the website, the chips -- which come in flavours like hot chilli, BBQ and something called "super glue salt" -- are intended to be "eaten by pouring into the mouth immediately from the bag without soiling the hand."

Hooray for unsoiled hands!


It all comes down to the nifty little spout that's built into the top of the bag -- it means you can quite literally tip bag your head and 'drink' a mouthful of chips -- all without having to touch them.

If the little cartoon man on the bag doesn't clue you in there's even a handy how-to on how to eat your chips one-handed "without polluting your hands."


Alternatively, you can just do this ...

Hey, who are we to judge?

It isn't the first time that a brand has tried to develop a workaround for greasy fingers. In 2018 McDonald's debuted the 'Frylus,' a fry-shaped stylus that kept your phone-screens clean while you tucked into a Big Mac meal.

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The Frylus came just a year after Maccas' first foray into (almost) hands-free dining with the Frork.

"It’s like a fork, but with fries… a fry fork… a Frork™!" was the tagline. It was intended for sweeping up any juicy fallout from burgers but there was one fatal flaw -- you had to handle the fries in order to get them into the plastic contraption.

Image: YouTube/McDonald's New York Tri-State.

Then there's the Sphoon or Phork -- "the world’s first phone case that turns your phone into a Sphoon or Phork."

The creators are currently running a Kickstarter for the quirky device which allows you to eat while simultaneously keeping an eye on your phone.

Image: Sergey Mast via Kickstarter.

What a glorious world we live in, hey?

Feature image: Twitter/@koikeya_cp.