At A Pinch This New Emoji Will Make You Think Twice Before Sending A D**k Pic

A new emoji of a hand making a suggestive pinching gesture has been revealed and Twitter is ready to use it in the most savage way.

The pinching hand emoji, as it's known, is one of a batch of brand spanking new emojis unveiled on Wednesday by the fountain of all emoji knowledge, Twitter account @Emojipedia.

As the name suggests, the emoji could be used in the following very normal interactions:

Friend one: How much salt do you want?

Friend two: Just a pinch.

Or maybe this everyday scene:

Mum: Can fit this book in your backpack?

Son: Yes, at a pinch.

Perhaps it could even be handy when implying a cheeky pinch on the bottom -- approach that one carefully, y'all.

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According to Twitter, however, the pinching hand emoji will not be used in any of these ways.

Instead, we can expect to see the pinching hand emoji in one context and one context only -- to suggest the size of someone's manhood.

It's just so perfect for putting cocky dick pic senders back in their place.

It's the ultimate clap back, no?

Some are hailing the new emoji as a breakthrough in the battle against toxic masculinity.

Of course, it's all fun and games 'til the joke turns on you ...

The pinching hand emoji comes along with 49 other designs that include a woman and a man using both manual and motorised wheelchairs, seeing-eye dogs, ears with hearing aids and people using sign language.

Rounding out the all-inclusive emoji line-up are prosthetic limbs -- an arm and a leg -- people kneeling in prayer and same-sex couples holding hands.

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Cute critters including a sloth, otter and an orangutan make up the animal contingent, while a waffle, a pair of underpants and a tuk-tuk also made the cut.

Image: Twitter/@Emojipedia.

With 171 variations for colour and skin tone, the final emoji offering for 2019 rings in at 230 designs.

According to Emojipedia, the new creations are expected to be released on iOS, Android, Windows phones, apps such as WhatsApp and web platforms including Twitter and Facebook throughout 2019.

Feature image: Twitter/@emojipedia.

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