People Reveal What They Call Their Pets (Aside From Their Names) And Awww

You can call a pet anything, chances are you won't use their actual name when you call them. And that's just fine.

When pet owner @metroadlib posed this question on Twitter, the world answered. And then some. And like, totally cutely.

He said that while his dog's actual name is Cooper, he calls him, among other things, Bubbu, boub, coopypoopy and sweet boy.

All of which makes sense to any pet owner, amiright?

And yes, it did make sense -- judging by the hundreds of responses. All of which say the same thing. That you can call a pet a name that you've chosen JUST FOR HIM, but you will NEVER use it.

And it's not just dogs whose names get, well, imaginative treatment. Meet the feline friends with weirdo nicknames.

Of course, then there are the more imaginative pets. Meet Michi.

And on it goes.

For the record this writer's cat -- Floyd -- is also known by the names Monkey, Mumu, Short Stack, Flerdle, Floydy and Wee Paws.

Feature Image:  Getty