Just Some True Blue Food Combos That All Aussies Love

Beetroot on burgers. A cuppa and a Tim Tam. Vegemite on ... everything and anything. These fair dinkum foods are a match made in culinary heaven -- if you live down under, at least.

The 10 daily team shared their go-to tucker that screams 'Straya!'  -- prepare for a trip down memory lane or to the kitchen to whip up some of your own.

Repeat after us: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Eat, eat, eat!

Natasha Lee, 10 daily lifestyle editor

"Coupla scoops of vanilla ice cream with a generous sprinkle of Milo. Heaven."

Katie Hill, 10 daily reporter

"Vegemite and eggs on toast errrday."

Kristy Everett, 10 daily video producer

"Maccas chips and ice cream, and butter and Vegemite on a Sao biscuit."

Alex Anastassiou, 10 daily social media producer

"I don't know if it's particularly Australian but peanut butter on toast with sliced banana and honey."

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Image: Nick Cook Photography via Flickr.
Siobhan Kenna, 10 daily news reporter

"Vegemite on a Maccas hashbrown."

Sandra Sully, 10 News First

"A fresh bread roll, chips and prawns. Oh ... and loads of butter!"

Alex Bruce-Smith, 10 daily news reporter

"Fairy bread."

Jess Lynch, 10 daily entertainment reporter

"Sliced beetroot on a burger."

Jasmine Motti, 10 daily video producer

"Cornflakes and coffee."

Say what? "It's like a bowl of cornflakes but instead of milk you use coffee -- always add coffee first then cornflakes otherwise it goes mushy."

Rashell Habib, 10 daily deputy news editor

"Scrambled eggs topped with tomato sauce."

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Gillian Wolski, 10 daily lifestyle reporter

"A Tim Tam and a cup of tea -- you know what to do."

Claire Isaac, 10 daily contributing editor

"Celery sticks and peanut butter."

Feature image: Nick Cook Photography via Flickr, Instagram/@dhughesy, Instagram/@emma.warmington.