This Is Not A Drill: The Polly Waffle Is Officially Back!

Good news for chocolate lovers: the iconic Polly Waffle is set to return to Australian shelves.

It was a sad, sad day when Nestle decommissioned the Polly Waffle in 2009.

But now like Eminem and AC/DC, the iconic chocolate Polly Waffle is back again, this time to be produced by South Australian confectionery company, Robern Menz.

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And sweet news for those Polly Waffle puritans: the company -- which previously brought back another delicious discontinued Aussie treat,  the Violet Crumble -- has acquired the trademark, intellectual property and recipe, so you can be sure the Polly Waffle will be just how you remember it.

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The actual date for the Polly Waffle's return to shelves is still a little uncertain though according to Robern Menz CEO, Phil Sims.

"The Polly Waffle hasn't been in the market for 10 years, so we now need to work on the research and development for creating a product that is true to the values of Polly Waffle which is all about chocolate, about wafer and about marshmallow," he said.

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Naturally, Australians are losing their minds over the chocolate bar's return.

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