Running Out Of Phone Battery Is Literally Ruining Our Lives Says New Study

Aussies' FOBO -- that's Fear of Battery Obliteration -- is so bad that some of us get sweaty palms, teary and anxious when our phones die.

According to the survey by Huawei Australia, we live in constant fear that our phone battery will run out -- and when it does we totally lose our sh*t.

Of the 2,000 phone addicts, er, we mean 'users' polled, 83 percent admitted to feeling a range of negative emotions such as stress, unhappiness, anxiety and anger when their battery hits zero percent.

One in ten revealed they suffer actual physical symptoms -- sweaty palms, increased heart rate and even crying -- when it happens.

And it's happening a lot -- three-quarters of those surveyed reported that their phones crashed out at least once a day.

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The ugly truth

Millennials suffer FOBO the most, according to the study, and it's having a rather ugly impact on their lives.

People aged 18 to 24 said they'd happily bail on an event early if their phone was starting to lose battery.

Nine percent admitted to lying about having a phone charger so they didn't have to give it to someone in need. Mean, much?

On the flip side, one in three youths wouldn't have a problem asking a total stranger if they can borrow a power cable -- whether they get one or not remains to be seen.

As if we needed any more evidence that we're all obsessed with our phones, one in three people surveyed would rather give up sex than their mobile device.

Really, guys?!

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If you're passing on sex to cuddle up with your phone you might have something called nomophobia.

It's an actual phobia -- an abbreviation of "no-mobile-phone phobia" -- coined by British researchers in the pre-iPhone days of 2008.

It’s basically a fear of being without access to a working mobile phone and according to an earlier study by Huawei more than a quarter of Aussies have it.

Ready to ditch the FOBO and nomophobia? Try some techniques like turning off all your notifications -- yep, all of them -- and moving all your social media apps into one folder.

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