Meet The Guy Who Loves His Workplace So Much, He Got The Logo Tattooed On Him... Twice

Tatt's dedication. 10 News First reporter Beau Pearson took job appreciation to a whole new level.

After getting the Network 10 logo tattooed on his, erm behind, while at a tattoo convention last year, 10 News journalist Beau was devastated to find that he had actually got the old company logo when the network rebranded just weeks later.

"Within weeks, they announced they were changing the logo," he told 10 daily, "It was pretty funny."

So what did he do?

Well, the Perth news reporter currently working at Studio 10 in Sydney, went to Bondi Ink, at Sydney's Bondi Beach to remedy the situation.

But not in the way his Studio 10 colleagues thought he would.

You see, everyone just assumed that he would get the new one somehow put in place of the old one, hidden on his bottom.

But no. He shocked his coworkers (and then some) by getting instead, a whole new tattoo of the logo for Studio 10 and getting it on his upper thigh.

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So yeah, he now has two logos on his body.

Now that is commitment. But why?

Beau told 10 daily, "I'm pretty hairy, it will grow over in weeks. And I can always cover it with pants!"

Of course it's all well and good when you're working at the network you have tattooed on your body, right. But -- perish the thought -- what happens if you leave.

Not an issue said Beau. "I just have to make sure I am very fully clothed at all times -- which shouldn't be a problem!"

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And as for his Studio 10 coworkers? They're just a little shocked. But quietly impressed, by the looks.

Feature Image: Beau Pearson.

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