The Egg Is Starting To Crack And Oh Lord What Does This Mean?

The world-famous, record-breaking and Kylie Jenner-infuriating egg is showing signs of cracking at the top of its shell -- what's about to hatch?

The cracks started to show in an Insta post @world_record_egg shared on January 19 -- and now more have appeared in a post that popped up four days later.

There's no word what the mysterious egg is hatching but its millions of loyal fans -- the 'Egg Gang' as they're known -- have their own ideas.

Some are predicting a cool marketing stunt, while others suspect it'll be a big let-down -- look on the sunny side, guys!

One quick-witted commenter suggested that Stormi Jenner, Kylie Jenner's one-year-old daughter, might be getting ready to burst out.

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Image: Instagram/@world_record_egg.

All we can do is sit back, wait and watch as the break-out pop-culture hero of the year -- a chicken egg -- hatches its next plan.

The cracking news comes two weeks after the mysterious, faceless egg appeared and stole Kylie Jenner's crown for the most-liked post on Instagram.

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Jenner had previously held the top spot with a picture of her bub Stormi that gained an impressive 18 million likes -- until the egg smashed her record within a matter of days.

To date, the egg has racked up 50 million likes, leaving the makeup mogul/reality TV star -- and everyone else -- for dust.

Shortly after breaking the record the egg told 10 daily that he/she/it -- they wouldn't reveal their identity -- has "a few ideas" and that everyone should "stay tuned."

Oh, we will.

Feature image: Instagram/@world_record_egg.