Knowing These Five Food Trends Will Make You A MasterChef In 2019

MasterChef 2017 second runner-up Karlie Verkerk gave 10 daily an exclusive heads up on what's hot in the kitchen this year.

From no waste to no meat, here's what's cooking.

Plants, please

Mums around the country will welcome the news that we'll all be getting our daily serve of fruit and veggies as plant-based cooking is only going to get bigger in 2019.

If the thought of going cold turkey on ... turkey isn't exactly your thang, ease yourself in by sautéing, steaming or roasting your fave veg -- according to Verkerk these cooking techniques help maximise the natural flavours.

"Plus you can add your own flavours into the mix too with your favourite herbs and spices," she said.

Go with your gut

Gut-friendly foods such as kombucha, fermented and preserved vegetables, and foods like sauerkraut and kimchi are set to become even more popular in Verkerk's opinion.

Treating your tummy well isn't just about being on trend. Scientists are beginning to understand that a happy gut can mean a happy body -- and mind -- after all.

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A natural drop

Aussie winemakers have been busy producing a more natural, organic and additive-free drop and Verkerk sees this continuing in 2019.

"We should see far more Australian wines from smaller producers, in particular, natural wines on restaurant wine lists," she said.

Pretty in pink

A new type of chocolate has recently hit shelves and it's unlike any we've seen before -- it's called ruby cocoa and like the name suggests it's pink.

Not only that it has a fruity, berry-like flavour and Verkerk predicts we'll see quite a bit of it on restaurant menus -- and home kitchens -- in 2019.

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No waste, no worries

The 'zero wastage' trend is something that more and more environmentally aware and health-conscious restaurants and home cooks are set to adopt this year, according to Verkerk.

"As people go about for their weekly grocery shop they're being more prepared when it comes to deciding what they will cook for the week and what creates the least amount of waste," she said.

Keen to reduce what ends up in the bin? Look for ingredients that can be incorporated fully, whether boiled, steamed, baked, sautéed or made into a sauce.

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