You Need To Know How The People In Your Life Write "X"

We can promise that in the next two minutes you'll spend more time thinking about how to write the letter "x" than you ever have before. 

It doesn't seem like an overly complicated question, does it?

Well, that's where you might be wrong because a post on Twitter has ignited some serious tension with users disagreeing on how you write the letter "x".

A photo posted by @Smasey shows eight possible variations of how to write the letter, which TBH, is seven ways more than we needed to know

Plenty of people (mostly sevens and eights) were sure theirs was the right way. Many, however, questioned how in the hell there were so many variations:

Others were downright scathing.

Even Stephen Fry weighed in on the argument.

The original tweeter even suggested the difference might be based on where you live in the world.

A quick poll in the 10 daily office revealed a pretty even split between seven and eight.

But then we had this wildcard: video editor, Taylor, was brave enough to reveal her very unique method.


We don't really have any advice on how to deal with a colleague presenting this kind of information to the office, just that you should love them. No matter how wrong they are about writing the letter.

Let us know: how do you "x"?