Sick Of The Heat? Here's Where To Go Right Now For A Cool Change

Aussie summers, can't beat 'em right? Until you get sick of 'em ... round about now.

One too many humid days and we're all dreaming of winter. So why not head to winter right now? The Northern Hemisphere is a chill-fest as we speak, and your hair will thank you for the break from the humidity.

Here are six of our favourite places to go for a little cold climate action.  BYO puffer jacket.

Nagano, Japan
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Nagano is a wintry mix of all good things: a hot spring resort with cobblestone lanes and traditional wooden inns, an annual snow festival, renowned skiing, and -- best of all -- the famous Jigokudani Monkey Park, where Japanese macaques chill out in the steaming hot springs -- who doesn't love a monkey?  Ski at Hakuba which is considered one of the best snow resorts in Japan.  Eat lots of Ramen. Stay warm in the cold by drinking Sake. See you there.  Air Asia has flights to Tokyo from Sydney starting at around $1000 return in February.

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Reykjavik, Iceland
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Think cold weather, warm lobster soup, snow, hot springs, barren landscapes and Game Of Thrones style views -- Iceland has it all, and while the country itself is kinda pricey, getting there isn't really... If you're up for a bit of Bjork, Qatar has return flights from around $1400 from Melbourne.  Head to the famous Blue Lagoon, where you can soak away your cares in hot geothermal pools, drive the Golden Circle for some really windswept views or just wallow in the cool Icelandic air in the world's most northern capital.

Whistler, Canada
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Just a short drive from Vancouver, Whistler is a ski bunny's dream, and if you're not a skier, there are spas, restaurants and shops to while away your time. All while wearing cold weather outfits and breathing in the fresh mountain air. A playground for Canada's beautiful people and somewhere to eat some truly delicious Poutine. Nothing not to love. Air Canada has flights from $1,133 from Sydney to Vancouver in February -- with Whistler a two-hour drive away.

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Salzburg, Austria
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The hills are alive... no really, they are. Tourists flock to Salzburg for the Sound Of Music tour but there is also a classical side to Salzburg -- it's actually where Mozart was born. But, you know, doing the whole Von Trapp thing is pretty cool. So. Music, snow, architecture, mulled wine, all the sausage you can eat -- Salzburg is pretty near perfect. And it's COLD. Boy is it cold. Emirates have flights for $1678 from Adelaide to Vienna. Get there.

Stockholm, Sweden
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With a ski resort actually in the city  -- a  Stockholm landmark, Hammarbybacken is a popular weekend destination located near the Ericsson Globe Arena, on the Green Line metro -- and the ABBA museum, as well as a huge real Viking Ship, Stockholm really has something for every taste! And the city itself is very pretty indeed. The old town Gamla Stan is quaint and cute, but there is an amazing nightlife, great food and yes, Swedish massage if buildings, Benny and/or Bjorn aren't your scene. Qantas has flights to Stockholm from around $1500 return from Brisbane.

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Edinburgh, Scotland
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Castles, bagpipes, haggis and comedy -- Edinburgh has it all, and at this time of year, it's also really really cold! Nothing that a warm, cosy pub or a tour of the museum won't fix, right? Whiskey? Don't mind if we do. And if you fly British Airways in February you can get there for around $1800 from Sydney. Head to the castle too -- it's a must to check out the Scottish Crown Jewels (and we're not just talking about what's under those kilts!).

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