This Is What Tonight's Super Blood Wolf Moon Means For You

We're set to experience something called a Super Blood Wolf Moon, which sounds super mysterious and exciting until you ask yourself -- what does it actually mean?

We got the inside word from renowned Australian psychic and founder of Absolute Soul Secrets Rose Smith on this rare celestial event.

The name Super Blood Wolf Moon might sound impressive but Rose told 10 daily that it's basically just three separate events, all happening simultaneously.

The 'super' part refers to the fact that this month’s full moon is a supermoon -- so-called because it looks so big. It actually appears about seven percent larger than it does normally as at that point it's really close to the Earth.

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The 'blood' part isn't as scary as it sounds -- it's just another name for a total lunar eclipse which happens when a full moon passes into the Earth’s shadow.

The ‘wolf’ element originates from Native American tribes and early colonists, who named full moons after native animals.

"January’s full moon is named after wolves howling over the scarcity of food during wintertime in the northern hemisphere," Rose explained.

What does it all mean?

"Spiritually, a Super Blood Wolf Moon is a time of illumination and awareness about what is going on deep inside ourselves," Rose said.

Anything that you've pushed down or hidden from normal everyday view will rise up for attention. The best thing to do is deal with it so you can heal and move on.

"Sometimes people or situations from the past may come back for further emotional healing. You might hear news about an ex-lover for example, just remember why they're an ex!"

The wolf, we're told, is also generally a good omen for things like learning, studying and self-expression -- if you’re considering upskilling to further your career then this might be your time to take the plunge.

It's also a good opportunity to reset or restart our lives.

"It's time to get in touch with the 'real you' and become more aware of what you want in life. Make a start to take some action over the next few months,' Rose said.

Be warned

"On the day and the night of the 21st be cautious of arguments, important situations or anywhere there could be any danger," Rose warned.

During celestial events such as this, she says, the veils between the subconscious and conscious mind are thinner -- this means that sometimes emotions can rise up and take control of people.

Rose predicts more accidents, crime and strange behaviour than usual on the night and cautions people to take care.

People can become confused or less clear-headed so it's not a good time to make an important decision. Be careful operating machinery, driving or doing anything where logic and analytic ability are required.

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Your Super Blood Wolf Moon ritual

Unlike our friends in the northern hemisphere, Aussies won't be able to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon but Rose told 10 daily that we'll still get a spiritual 'hit' -- though not as strongly as the US or UK.

Despite this there are ways to "flow with the energy" on the night -- Rose suggests doing a ritual, outside if possible.

"You might write out some things you would like to let go of. Imagine you can see the Super Blood Wolf Moon and offer those things in your mind up to its transformative power. Be thankful and grateful in advance for what is going to happen in your life over the next few months," she said.

Calling all Leos

This Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse will occur in the astrological sign of Leo -- the king of the zodiac jungle.

Rose told 10 daily that leadership positions could be in for a shake-up, citing Teresa May, and Donald Trump's leadership and even our own upcoming election as potential areas for change.

“Leo rules glamour, creativity, romance and fertility, so these things will become more important over the next few months.”

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