Panic Now 'Cause A WhatsApp Bug Might Let Strangers Read Your Messages

A glitch has been discovered in the supposedly secure message sending app after one woman claimed she could read a stranger's messages on her new phone.

The woman, Amazon employee Abby Fuller, took to Twitter to alert (read: warn) fellow WhatsApp users about her discovery.

Fuller tweeted: "Logged into WhatsApp with a new phone number today and the message history from the previous owner's number was right there?!

"This doesn't seem right." No, Abby, it doesn't.

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Can you hear that? That's the sound of millions of people logging into the phone and archiving the hell out of their old (read: dirty) messages.

Fuller went on to wonder that if she can see someone's old messages, does that mean others can do the same?

Fuller then went on to clarify that both the device and the SIM card were brand new and not "restored from a backup".

On its website, WhatsApp advises its users who are changing their phone number to migrate their account to the new number before they stop using it.

They recommend using the change number feature, which will allow users to migrate their account and profile information, as well as their groups.

But the tech heads on Twitter were quick to pick up on a slight discrepancy, with user @philosophene noting that there is a 45 day grace period before account information is wiped clean.

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WhatsApp is yet to respond to the information.

Feature Image: Getty