Prince Charles' Former Butler Just Got Dragged For This Sexist Remark

For some reason, Grant Harrold decided to remind his followers that "a Lady never looks at the bill".

Primarily this is because when you're a former butler for the royal family, the done thing is to spend the rest of your life making inappropriate comments to the media.

Case in point: Paul Burrell.

But back to Harrold.

Look, he's pretty proud of his pedigree. So proud, in fact, that his Twitter handle is literally @TheRoyalButler. Firstly, a little bit of background: he worked for Prince Charles from 2004 to 2011 and now considers himself an "etiquette expert".

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For some reason, Harrold decided to open up a good old can of worms on Twitter by posting a stock image of a couple at a restaurant while stating: "Gentlemen, let's remember that a Lady never looks at the bill".

Can you guess what happened? We'll let you take a guess...

If you said Twitter dragged him over hot coals then ding-ding-ding you are correct.

Clearly shocked with the response from his followers, Harrold decided to do the logical thing and keep the conversation going with a poll.

Although once again, he failed to read the damn room, with many asking him for the third (very obvious) option of IT DEPENDS.

Of course, leave it up to Janet to bring some sense into the conversation.

Then again, if all else fails you can always just do this.

Feature Image: Getty