You Can Now Get Slippers Made To Look Like Your Pets And Please Take Our Money

If you aren't a pet owner, look away now. Because things are about to get pretty intense in the love for domestic animals space.

You see, US company Cuddle Clones are now making slippers that look like your pet.


They also make plush toys of your own pet so you can immortalise them in any way you wish, but, honestly, these slippers are next level.

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Image: Cuddle Clones

The company customise a pair of comfy plush slippers to look like your dog or cat with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Reviews so far who have given the slippers an average of 4.93 out of 5 stars, though, so we doubt you'll be needing that. After all, two little mini versions of any pet, including your beloved hamster, guinea pig or even horse, THAT YOU CAN WEAR ON YOUR FEET. It's peak pet obsession.

And quite frankly the photos speak for themselves.

They cost a whopping $199 US ($277 AU) though, so you'd better be totally in love with that pupper, pony or kitty. And be willing to walk all over them.

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The good thing is, the company donates a portion of every purchase to animal welfare, so not only are you perpetuating the stereotype that pet owners are a bit crazy, you're also helping animals in need. Win win!

If you're not a slipper person, Cuddle Clones also make a stuffed version of your little pal -- which is so lifelike, in some photos we can't tell the difference.

The company ships to Australia, but don't expect them to get here quickly, both the toys and slippers take a minimum of around eight weeks unless you pay extra.

And guys, if you own one of these, perhaps stick to the toy...

Feature Image: Cuddle Clones