Sleepwear Giant Charging More For Plus-Sized Clothing

It seems plus-size clothing is attracting a plus-size price, with sleepwear giant Peter Alexander caught out charging extra for items in the plus-size range.

A search by 10 daily on the company's website found several plus-sized items cost an average of $10 extra when compared with their standard sized products.

The items were found on the store's online shop and included the Archie Sleep Tee which cost $79.95 for a standard sized product, whereas a plus-sized version of the same product cost $89.95.

The same price discrepancy was found with the brand's Choose Sleep TeeJungle Fever Nightie and several short varieties.

Advertising expert and executive creative director at Campaign Edge, Dee Madigan, called the price discrepancy a "pretty awful thing to do".

"I think they will adjust the price," she told 10 daily. "It feels unfair and the whole brand is feelgood. If I were them I would say 'This is wrong, sorry, and we have adjusted the price.'"

10 daily has reached out to Peter Alexander for comment.

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This is not the first time a clothing brand has been called-out for charging their customers more for their plus-size range.

In 2016 it emerged that ASOS was charging its customers more for its plus-sized range.

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At the time ASOS ended up responding to the outrage by telling customers that the product's length was behind the price discrepancy.

Fast-forward to 2019 and it appears ASOS has changed their tune, with their plus-size offerings now costing the same as standard sizes.

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Other retailers offering plus-size options, including boohoo and Pretty Young Thing, charge their customers the same for both standard and plus-sized options.

Below is Pretty Young Thing's standard size offering for a sleepwear set:

Below is Pretty Young Thing's plus-size size offering for the sleepwear set:

Both cost $38.

Feature Image: Peter Alexander