SEEK And You Shall Find The Reason Behind Australia's Scariest Job Ad

An ad for an "Executive (and Personal) Assistant" posted on is pretty much an alarming insight into the world of the person you'd be assisting.

And it's a job where having any "me time" isn't a thing.

Sold as the "most challenging and the most rewarding position you’ve ever had", the gig seems more like that of an underpaid lackey than an assistant and offers $45k-$65k based on your experience.

The job ad has since been removed from SEEK  -- who acknowledged it was written "colourfully".

"All job ads on SEEK are checked to confirm the legitimacy of the employment opportunity," spokesperson Sarah Macartney told 10 daily.

"Background checks were carried out on this job ad which included receiving communication via email from the advertiser."

Macartney said SEEK had tried several times to re-connect with the advertiser to discuss the advertisement following increased public interest in the job.

"We continue to try and make contact and will keep the job ad off-site until such contact has been made," she said.

"It is up to a jobseeker to decide what is the right job for them and we encourage jobseekers to do their homework before applying by checking out company review ratings on SEEK Company Reviews."

Comments on Facebook and Twitter came thick and fast as the reality of what the job entailed sank in.

One said it ‘sounds like a PA for Christian Grey’, while another said it seemed like a ‘glorified babysitter’ ad.


While attempting -- we imagine -- to inspire you to achieve greatness, the ad actually seems to suggest you should be happy to work like a dog and be happy to get little-to-no recognition for it.

Alrighty then. Oh, and you have to "make the CEO feel good" and get coffee and CLEAN UP.

Oh and never take things personally... which may be hard as the boss's "A-type personality isn’t for everyone."

To apply (if you're still interested after all this) you need to jump through more than a few hoops.

It's actually for the company Easy Pay Direct, and looks to be situated in their Austin, Texas offices. So there's that.

Feature image: 20th Century Fox