These Foodie Squirrels Are New York's Answer To The Aussie Ibis

Take note, humble Bin Chickens -- the rodents of NYC know how to chow down on food scraps with class.

Mesmerising footage has emerged of a squirrel eating an Oreo cookie in New York City, because as we all know acorns and other stuff that squirrels usually eat are sooooo last season.

The video, which appeared on NYC site West Side Rag on January 3,  shows the fluffy little guy/gal nibbling daintily on the popular snack while perched up a tree in the city's Upper West Side.

"Where's my glass of milk?" -- Oreo Squirrel, probably. Image: Barbara Peck via West Side Rag.

Where the Oreo came from, or how it came into the possession of Oreo Squirrel -- as they are now known -- is yet to be determined. 

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Witnesses say the rodent, of no fixed address, did not employ the traditional twist-lick-dunk method of eating said foodstuff. Instead, they simply enjoyed the treat like a sandwich. You do you, OS.

One thing's for sure, this bushy-tailed critter displayed a sense of ~eleganza~ that certain winged scavengers across Australia -- yes, ibis, we're looking at you - could learn from.

It's not just Oreo Squirrel who has a taste for the finer things in life -- and table manners to boot.

Just a day or so earlier another NYC-based squirrel was captured tucking into a crunchy egg roll.

Look at that delicate grasp. Admire the demure nibble. Not a crumb wasted. Bin Chickens, are you taking notes?

No need to egg this dude on. Image: Twitter/@whatisny.

Then there was Avocado Squirrel, who was spotted giving his/her diet a healthy boost of 'good fats' in 2018.

Avo Squirrel selected a leafy garden bed in Manhattan to indulge in the pricey fruit. Alfresco dining at its finest, no?

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No first home deposit for Avo Squirrel. Image: Henry Zhang.

It's slightly more dignified than, well ... whatever this is.

Get out of it! Image: HenloStinkyBirb via Imgur.

Feature image: Barbara Peck via West Side Rag, Twitter/@whatisny, Henry Zhang.