How To Pack For A Trip The Marie Kondo Way

If it doesn't spark joy, don't take it with you.

If you're a fan of the KonMari method of tidying, at this point in the article you will already be squealing with delight at what is to come.

We know, right? She's amazing.

So for those not in the know, a quick summary: Marie Kondo is a renowned tidying expert helping people around the world to transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration. She teaches that if you properly simplify and organise your home once, you'll never have to do it again. She suggests you take time to review all your belongings and only keep those that spark joy.  And she has her own show on Netflix.

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Anyone familiar with her tricks knows she's all about folding too (there's an entire chapter in her book about how to do it just right). Which surely comes in handy if you're travelling. Folding vertically and as small as possible will save space in your suitcase (and for thinner items, you can roll them to prevent wrinkles.)

As you're packing, consider whether you really love each piece you're putting inside. If you don't think you'll wear it or use it, leave it at home.

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Gemma Quinn is Australia's first Certified Platinum KonMari Consultant and she's a packing fiend. 10 daily asked for her tips on travelling the KonMari way.

Are there specific KonMari rules for packing?
  • Choose items which spark joy, it helps to choose them by category.
  • Fold your clothes using the KonMari Method.
  • Store your clothes in your suitcase vertically, just like you would in your drawers, this allows you to see them all at once.
Is it best to follow the rules and only take things with you that spark joy?

"Yes, I generally only have belongings in my life that spark joy, so this is an easy thing for me to do," she said. "I do however double check items to see if they will spark joy for me while travelling. Size, weight, versatility and reliability are qualities I look for when choosing items to take travelling. Try to pare down as much as possible to avoid overpacking."

Is good packing about everything having its place?

"Having a home for everything when I travel is really important, as my suitcase becomes my own little travelling home," Gemma told 10 daily.  "I use a range of different bags to store subcategories, these create easily accessible little rooms in my suitcase.  The bag I like the most is my ‘bedside table’ it has everything I need to go to sleep.  This is a lifesaver when I arrive late after a long flight."

How would you pack for a weekend away vs an overseas trip?

"In my travel kit, I have a couple of bags which hold items which I only take on overseas trips, so when I go away for the weekend, it is easy to exclude these bags," said Gemma. These are things like chargers, adaptors, foreign money and travel cards.  "The only other thing which makes me change my travel kit is duration, if I’m going for longer than two weeks, I take a few more supplies and use them to refill my kit along the way."

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Marie Kondo's packing rules:
  • Roll or fold clothes as small as possible, in a vertical triangle shape that stands upright by itself.
  • Place the clothes side-by-side horizontally, hugging one another. This makes it so that you can see every single item you own.
  • Corral similar items—think makeup and cords—into pouches.
  • Pack shoes in bags.
  • Tuck socks and undies into the space created by bra cups.

Feature Image: Marie Kondo