7 Intoxicating Ways To Smuggle Booze In Anywhere

Let's all take a moment to worship a hero spectator at the races in the UK who smuggled booze in her binoculars.

The woman was a spectator at the races in Cheltenham recently when her hack was captured on TV cameras and can we just say, she's our new hero.

At first all seemed normal as she looked like any other racegoer, enjoying a day out and holding a pair of binoculars.

UNTIL. She started drinking from one of the eye pieces, and the cameras caught her just as she took a swig.

The woman is supreme.  And we're not the only ones to think so.

And while we, of course, promote the idea of responsible drinking and all, we also like the idea of sticking it to the man. And by the man, we mean, the man who doesn't like us bringing our wine with us.

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Here are a few other ideas for boozehounds, if binoculars aren't your (goon) bag.

Boozy bangle

This Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle is a serious piece of bling, and holds a good amount of mother's little helper, should the desire arise. It's not cheap at $365US, but look, needs must.

Booze shoes

These Double Agent shoes have a handy heel pocket for a small flask. They're also lethal to walk in, so you know, be careful how much you sip in case you slip.

Supping scarves

Although these FlaskScarf Women's Jersey Infinity Novelty Flask Scarves seem to be sold out, we can see why.  Genius. And warm. And filled with wine. 

Whiskey in mittens

If Julie Andrews was making The Sound Of Music today, these mittens would take the place of the red woollen ones she sings about FO SHIZ. Who doesn't want to sip from a mit? It's what fingers of whiskey were MADE FOR.

Totes approps

This Aldi tote isn't available anymore but like all good Aldi special buys is sure to make a return to your middle aisle in the future. Start queuing now.

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Boozy brolly

This BoozeBrella by Smuggle Mug is a disguised Umbrella Flask. Bring on the rain, we say. Won't keep you dry in any sense of the word.

Feature image: Twitter