This Mum Just Crocheted A Rug-Sized Monopoly Board For Her Daughter

Twitter user @pilotviruet posted a snap of her epic Christmas gift -- a giant crochet version of the popular board game.

Pilot Viruet, a culture editor at VICE, tweeted pics of her wholesome, handmade pressie on December 28, and it's since racked up 5,000 likes and 41,000 retweets.


Note the detail, the care, the colours, the craft(wo)manship!

Image: Twitter/@pilotviruet.

Pilot's skilled mama has made sure to include all the hallmarks of the classic family board game such as the 'Jail,' 'Go' and 'Free Parking' squares, not to mention the spots for the 'Chance' and 'Community Chest' cards.

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Pilot didn't share any deets on just how big the woven 'board' is, but the second pic shows her sitting smack bang in the middle with plenty of space either side.

It's so large in fact that you can just about use life-sized versions of the tiny playing tokens. Got a dog? Use it as a token. An actual top hat? That's a token.

Twitter is equal parts amazed with and jealous of the wonderful woolly creation -- and its master creator.

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Others just wanted to hand over their money, STAT.

We're not about to claim any crochet knowledge, but this labour of love is really impressing those in the know.

They're getting all excited about something to do with 'weaving in ends' which we Googled, and discovered is a painstaking process of carefully tucking in all the loose ends of yarn -- we're guessing there was A LOT to take care of.

So, Pilot, when can we come over for a game?

Feature image: Twitter/@pilotviruet.