Outrage After Kim Lets North, 5, Wear Red Lipstick

Never one to shy away from controversy, the Kardashian Klan is once again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

This time it's surrounding a photo Kim uploaded to her Instagram account to celebrate Christmas.

In the image, Kim holds her youngest child, Chicago, 11 months, while standing alongside her husband, Kanye West, who is holding their middle child, Saint, three.

Standing proudly alone without any parental interference is the couple's eldest child, North, five.

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The entire clan -- save for Kim -- is clad in black outfits, with little North even donning a slick of bright red lipstick for the holiday snap.

It's this detail that's caused the outrage with many questioning why Kim would allow her young daughter to not only wear makeup but such a bold lip colour at that.

"Why does that beautiful girl wear red lipstick," wrote one user. "She is enough with her youth."

While another wrote: "Beautiful family -- yet you’re putting them in the spotlight tooo early! Let them be babies, please."

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Others went on to defend Kim writing that North "loves to wear makeup, so Kim allowed her to do so for this special occasion".

While another fan wrote: "Don't get mad over a little kid playing with makeup, it's not that serious."

Kim ended up taking to Twitter to defend her decision, telling her followers that North picked the colour.

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Never one to miss a business opportunity, Kim also hinted to her followers that soon, they too might able to purchase North's exact colour.

The mother-of-three has previously spoken about North's love of makeup, even sharing a video of her daughter doing her makeup.

She's also previously shared images of North playing around with other makeup products such as eyeshadow.

This isn't the first time a celebrity family has been accused of letting a child dress too adults for their age.

Back in August, Victoria and David Beckham copped a barrage of online hate after an image emerged showing their youngest child, Harper, seven, wearing a pair of high heels.

"Harper in high heels. Lol" said one follower.

“Is Harper wearing high heels?” another follower questioned.

"Too young to teach her to swing her booty around in heels, let her be a kid. Being a kid is such a short period of time, let her enjoy it. Don't put the pressure of adulthood on her," said another.

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“These heels are blatantly not dress up heels, nor are they her mothers,” someone wrote. “They’ve been purposely designed and made for a little girl’s feet."

Victoria managed to quell the hate by posting another image of Harper later that day, this time showing the youngster in much more age appropriate attire.

Feature Image: Instagram/@kimkardashian